7 Items to Check During a Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Inspection

When is the last time you had your commercial building plumbing system inspected? If it’s been awhile, the status of your plumbing system may have changed, and you may be at risk for developing leaks and blowouts. A comprehensive plumbing preventive maintenance service call can help you keep your plumbing system operating reliably.

Benefits of Plumbing Maintenance Checklists

When you hire a plumbing contractor to inspect your pipes for age, wear and tear and corrosion, you should always make sure your contractor has a checklist. Plumbing maintenance checklists help ensure that the entirety of your system is inspected thoroughly and that nothing is missed. It also helps ensure that you get a complete report at the end of the proactive maintenance service call.

Proactive Plumbing Preventive Maintenance Checklist

A proactive maintenance plumbing checklist should cover all the critical components of your plumbing system, including the pipes, valves, water heater and drains.

1. Active Leaks

Every proactive plumbing maintenance inspection should check for signs of active leaks, including water spots, moisture or puddles and the presence of mold or mildew. Unknown and unrepaired water leaks can waste thousands of gallons of water a year.

2. Signs of Corrosion

The inspection should check for signs of corrosion on all visible plumbing pipes and the presence of lime scale around water faucets and shower heads. The presence of significant corrosion could mean that your pipes are near the end of their useful lives.

3. Water Pressure

A building’s water pressure should be no higher than 80psi and no lower than 40psi. In building’s with multiple stories, higher water pressure is often found on the lower levels while lower water pressure can be found at the higher levels. Water pressure that is too low may cause resident complaints, while water pressure that is too high can damage your pipes.

4. Checking Valves for Correct Operation

All the safety and shutoff valves in your plumbing system should be tested for correct operation and any broken valves should be replaced. This ensures that you can to turn off the water to certain sections of the building, rather than turning off the building’s entire water system in the event of a major blowout.

5. Inspect Water Heater

Your building’s hot water heater should be inspected for proper temperature and any obvious leaks. The safety valves and overflows should also be tested. Safety issues should be repaired immediately.

6. Check Drains

All the drains in your building should be tested for flow rate. Slow drains or clogged drains should be power-rodded or hydrojetted in order to restore proper function. You may also want to consider a camera inspection of your drain lines to ensure they are in good working order and do not contain any root infiltrations and/or bellying in the lines.

7. Backflow Testing

All commercial buildings and large multi-unit residential buildings are required to have backflow prevention devices and annual backflow testing in order to prevent water in the system from flowing backward and/or being contaminated with other chemicals and substances.

Plumbing Preventative Maintenance with Agilis Contractors

Our professional plumbers offer preventive maintenance, plumbing repairs and emergency maintenance. When you request a preventative maintenance service call, you can expect us to thoroughly check your plumbing pipes for signs of leaks, corrosion and broken or malfunctioning water-using appliances, like toilets, showers, sinks and water heaters. If our plumbers find any problems with your system, the issue will be explained to you and the correct repairs will be recommended.

Plumbing Repair Services

We offer leak repairs, water heater maintenance and repair, drain cleaning, water pressure checks and hydrostatic testing. If you suspect your plumbing system isn’t operating as intended, or you are experiencing an increase in your water bills, give us a call. We can diagnose and repair the problem in a timely manner.