LED lighting, make the change today and save on your lighting costs!

Cut your electricity and maintenance bills with LED lights!

With energy costs rising every year and growing concerns for the environment, more and more people are looking for energy saving solutions.

Why pick LED lights? the reasons are

  • Warm white light: Create a warm, cosy atmosphere with LED lighting
  • Energy efficient: Longer lifetime and uses up to 90% less energy than traditional sources
  • Quality of light: Enjoy perfect light quality, instant on with no warm up time
  • Dimmable: Create the right atmosphere with dimmable LED lighting


LED lighting is a very cost effective way to both improve your lighting whilst simultaneously reducing the amount of energy consumed.

Facts about LED’s

  • A LED lights up by using a small semiconductor crystal. When the crystal is energized with electrical current, the semiconductor emits light.
  • A small reflector (like the reflector surrounding a car headlight lamp) surrounds the semiconductor crystal, making the LED brighter.
  • An epoxy case surrounds the LED circuit, providing a defined color and protection of the circuit.
  • A LED has two legs that are used to connect it into a circuit. The legs, called leads, also help pull heat away from the LED circuit.
  • The legs of the LED are not the same. One leg is longer than the other. The longer LED leg is known as the anode. The shorter LED leg is known as the cathode.
  • Light bulb makers have developed a way to make a standard light bulb that uses LEDs for its light source